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Turkish foreign policy sails into dire straits

20 September 2019

In this week’s “Real Turkey”, economist Atilla Yesilada discusses the changing political backdrop in Turkey and the building pressures on Turkey’s President Erdogan with his regular guest Guldem Atabay. The latest Ankara Summit on Syria’s future among Erdogan-Putin-Ruhani trio with its Astana spirit opens brand new doors for the official Syrian Assad regime while drags Erdogan further towards compliance with Putin’s game plans on Middle East.

Is it possible for Erdogan to proceed with his threat of a “military incursion” within the scope of next two weeks as the US-Turkey “safe-zone plans” seems to be stalling due to the alliance between Syrian Kurds and the US forces? What would the meaning of Assad’s army’s Russian supported march towards gaining the full control of Idlib be for Erdogan’s plans on a future safe corridor along Turkey’s Syrian border? What about the future of 1.5 million additional Syrian refugees’ march towards Turkey?


Yesilada and Atabay also try to find out the reasons for President Erdogan’s sudden urge to proceed with the EU Visa liberation for Turkish citizens with a brief presidential decree.  And of course while opposition from within the AKP is gaining ground under the leadership of former economy minister Babacan and former premier Davutoglu, the possible political implications to the extent of having early elections next year are discussed; this week- in “Real Turkey”.


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